Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Major Assessments Go Head to Head - Part II

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Last week I wrote about OMG's assessment going head to head with the most popular personality test. Today I'll provide the clients' comments and insights to this comparison. I asked them how they felt about the intelligence we provided and one manager said, "oh shit!" Another one said he "wanted to throw up" and a third asked "why I felt our assessment was better than the other one?" They recognized that the personality test, while providing great insights into their communication styles and tendencies, is not predictive of sales performance or success and does not identify the likely problems a salesperson will encounter in the field. "Could we have been this far off the track in our selection or is your assessment that good?", they asked. The bottom line is that all of the major validated personality tests and behavioral styles tests provide useful, accurate information about what makes people tick. They stop far short of being predictive of sales performance. They asked, "what about the customization? Did we make selections that caused these people to look as if they didn't fit? Did we make the hiring criteria too difficult?" These people were so weak that only one of the four would have been recommended if we removed all of their criteria and all but the most lenient of ours. They asked, "If we raise the bar and actually look for people who would meet this criteria, would we be able to find any?" Of course. The pool is smaller but they're out there. It requires changes to the hiring process and the effective implementation of the assessment. But when you build a world-class sales recruiting process and use a best in class sales specific assessment, you can't lose. You'll consistently attract, identify, hire and retain stronger salespeople than ever before.
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At 8/23/2006 03:14:00 PM, Blogger Tony Cole said...

I think that the problem is in the process. I agree that other assessments lack the predictive value of the OMG assessment but even still if the process in place is fautly or the execution is faulty a company is still going to end up with more hiring mistakes then necessary. They may also miss out on potentially strong employees for other parts of their company if they don't have strong interviewing techniques, the ability to take the assesment information and turn that information into strong interview dialog and last but not least if they believe everything in the resume they are surely headed for disaster. So I feel that in addition to having an assessment tool that is predictive of sales success any company looking to make better hires for any position ought to first look at the process.

At 8/23/2006 03:25:00 PM, Blogger Tony Cole said...

As important as a predictive tool might be the tool is only as good as the process. Imagine having a great set of golf clubs and a lousy swing. The result will probably still be less then perfect. So in addition to the comments relative the importance of a tool that assesses the predictability of sales success a company must also have a process or consistent system in place to improve the quality of hiring. Most often I see mistakes in the areas of: Talking to candidates that don't fit the profile for the position, candidates who's work history do not match the requirements of the job, not engouh candidates in the pipeline, using the assesment tool to late in the process. All of these mistakes will lead to bad hires even if you have a great predictive tool. Companies must invest time, money and resources to the entire process. Last but not least the biggest mistake that I see is taking the information from an assessment and leaving it in the file folder. Never to see the light of day and never used to help the candidate now new hire develop to their fullest potential.


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